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赤エビ, Pleoticus muelleriの成熟, 産卵, 脱皮周期および成長に及ぼす眼柄切除と無処理の効能

  title={赤エビ, Pleoticus muelleriの成熟, 産卵, 脱皮周期および成長に及ぼす眼柄切除と無処理の効能},
  author={貞治 牧之内 and Giordani Edgardo and C Dias Ana and V Alvarez Maria},
The present study investigated the maturation, spawning, molting cycle, and growth of eyestalk-ablated (group A) and unablated (group B) P. muelleri reared in a tank. In adition, the adequency of gonadosomatic index (GSI) and coloration of ovary for the purpose of assesing the stage of the gonadal maturation was evaluated. The assesment of the stage of ovarian maturation by gonadosomatic index and the coloration showed that P. muelleri can spawn only after attaining Stage-IV (GSI 10.3 ± 1.9…