• Published 2014


  author={彭娟 and 深圳市危险废物处理站有限公司 and 赵陈冬 and 广东深圳 深圳市危险废物处理站有限公司},
The emulsion wastewater was treated by the combined process of coagulation-fenton and SBR. In the coagulation processing,the results showed that 80. 9% removal of COD could be obtained by using PFC at the con-ditions of solution pH 6. 3,and the dosage 2800mg/L. The fenton process was used to treat the effluent of coagula-tion,when the wastewatre pH is 3,the H2 O2 is 50g/L and the dosage of FeSO4·7H2 O is 5g/L,the COD concentra-tion of wastewater decreased to 1342mg/L,the BOD concentration… CONTINUE READING