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  title={日本物理学会誌及びJournal of the Physical Society of Japanの月刊について},
  author={小谷 正雄},
Wave-particle interactions in quantum plasmas
Amar P. Misra ∗ and Gert Brodin † Department of Mathematics, Siksha Bhavana, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan-731 235, India Department of Physics, Ume̊a University, SE-901 87 Ume̊a, Sweden
Geometric criterion for solvability of lattice spin systems
We present a simple criterion for solvability of lattice spin systems on the basis of the graph theory and the simplicial homology. The lattice systems satisfy algebras with graphical
Large Spin Hall Magnetoresistance in Antiferromagnetic α−Fe2O3/Pt Heterostructures
We investigate the spin Hall magnetoresistance (SMR) at room temperature in thin film heterostructures of antiferromagnetic, insulating, (0001)-oriented alpha-Fe2O3 (hematite) and Pt. We measure
Berry curvature unravelled by the anomalous Nernst effect in Mn3Ge
The discovery of topological quantum materials represents a striking innovation in modern condensed matter physics with remarkable fundamental and technological implications. Their classification has
Competition between intermediate plaquette phases in SrCu2 ( BO3)2 under pressure
Building on the growing evidence based on NMR, magnetization, neutron scattering, ESR, and specific heat that, under pressure, SrCu$_2$(BO$_3$)$_2$ has an intermediate phase between the dimer and the
Dynamic Multiferroicity of a Ferroelectric Quantum Critical Point.
An elevated magnetic response of a ferroElectric near the ferroelectric quantum critical point (FE QCP), since magnetic fluctuations are entangled with ferro Electric fluctuations, is demonstrated and it is suggested that any ferro electric quantumcritical point is an inherent multiferroic quantum critical Point.
Intimate link between charge density wave, pseudogap and superconducting energy scales in cuprates
The cuprate high-temperature superconductors develop spontaneous charge density wave (CDW) order below a temperature TCDW and over a wide range of hole doping (p). An outstanding challenge in the
Observation of chiral solitons in the quantum spin liquid phase of LiCuVO$_4$
Quantum spin liquids represent a magnetic ground state arising in the presence of strong quantum fluctuations that preclude ordering down to zero temperature and leave clear fingerprints in the
Theory of the intermediate phase of SrCu_2(BO_3)_2 under pressure
Building on the NMR evidence that two different Cu sites are present in the intermediate phase of SrCu_2(BO_3)_2 under pressure, and on recent neutron scattering experiments, we investigate the
Linear Hyperfine Tuning of Donor Spins in Silicon Using Hydrostatic Strain.
The results provide a framework for making quantitative predictions of donor spins in silicon nanostructures, such as those being used to develop silicon-based quantum processors and memories.