• Biology
  • Published 2003

敗血症時肝細胞膽酸代謝途徑PKCα, 3α-HSD 及 rBAT 之表現

  title={敗血症時肝細胞膽酸代謝途徑PKCα, 3α-HSD 及 rBAT 之表現},
Hepatic dysfunction in sepsis is characterized by intrahepatic cholestasis. Our previous work has shown that inactivation of protein kinase C-? (PKC?) may play a critical role in modulating hepatic failure during late sepsis. Through suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH) technique, we also identified that two genes, 3?-HSD and rBAT, are down regulated in late septic liver. 3?-HSD and rBAT are the key enzymes in bile acid synthesis and metabolism. Because PKC? plays a key role in the… CONTINUE READING