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大環雙核配位子MB-DO2A Dimer、Methyl DO2A dimer、DO2A Dimer之合成與質子化常數

  title={大環雙核配位子MB-DO2A Dimer、Methyl DO2A dimer、DO2A Dimer之合成與質子化常數},
We have been interested in the design, synthesis, and characterizations of trivalent lanthanide macrocyclic complexes for use as potential artificial nucleases due to their suitable properties such as high thermodynamic stability, low kinetic lability, high coordination number, and charge density (Lewis acidity). Our previous work showed that the monomeric complex, EuDO2A+, had higher BNPP hydrolysis rates as compared to other LnDO2A+ complexes, particularly at higher pH. However, at higher pH… Expand