• Business
  • Published 2009

咖啡連鎖店消費者對於商店環境、知覺價值與購買意願之比較研究- 以台灣與美國星巴克為例

  title={咖啡連鎖店消費者對於商店環境、知覺價值與購買意願之比較研究- 以台灣與美國星巴克為例},
With the global recession in 2008 and the lower pricing competition from fast food business and convenient stores, the Starbucks in Taiwan and the United States are still remaining the leading status in cafe chain store business. To find out the reason why Starbucks is still number one in business without the factor of product itself, we try to understand the relation in customers’ opinion among store environment, perceived value, and purchase intention in Taiwan and the United States. We have… CONTINUE READING