• Corpus ID: 86914810

台灣地區葡萄園鞘線蟲Hemicriconemoides parasinensis (Nematoda: Criconematoidea, Criconematidae)之鑑定

  title={台灣地區葡萄園鞘線蟲Hemicriconemoides parasinensis (Nematoda: Criconematoidea, Criconematidae)之鑑定},
  author={陳殿義 and 倪蕙芳 and 蔡東纂 and 顏志恒},
Four populations of Hemicriconemoides spp. have been isolated by modified Baermann funnel method from the rhizosphere soil of grape plants from 4 plantations in Taiwan since June, 2007. Comparisons of the morphology, morphometrics and ribosomal DNA fragment sequences (including full 5.8S gene, ITS-l, ITS-2 and partial 18S and 28S gene) have identified the 4 populations as H. parasinensis Chen & Liu 2003. H. parasinensis was the first report in Taiwan. The representative sequences of rDNA…