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台灣四草河口流紋蜷 Thiara riqueti (Grateloup 1840) (Mesogastropoda Thiaridae) (中腹足目、錐蜷科)生命表與族群動態之研究

  title={台灣四草河口流紋蜷 Thiara riqueti (Grateloup 1840) (Mesogastropoda Thiaridae) (中腹足目、錐蜷科)生命表與族群動態之研究},
The cohort life table and the population dynamics of the gastropoda snail Thiara riqueti (Grateloup, 1840) in Su-Tsao estuary in Tainan and Taiwan were studied during July 2000 and 2004. The cohort life histories of the Thiara riqueti at four temperature and seven salinity combinations were analyzed based on the age-stage, two-sex life table to take into consideration the variable development rates among individuals. At 30℃ and salinity 2.0%, the intrinsic rate of increase (r) is 0.1412 week-1…