• Engineering
  • Published 1998

低壓蒸氣爆碎처리에 의한 잎갈나무 髓心材의 고주파진공건조성 개선

  title={低壓蒸氣爆碎처리에 의한 잎갈나무 髓心材의 고주파진공건조성 개선},
  author={이남호 and 정희석 and 강춘원},
This study was carried out to investigate the effect of low pressure steam explosion treatment and longitudinal kerf on improvement of dryability of the Korean larch pillar with llxll cm in cross section in a radio-frequency jvacuum(RF IV) dryer. In the initial drying stage the drying rates for the pillars without and with longitudinal kerf were dramatically increased by the low pressure steam explosion treatment, while in the late drying stage there was no difference between low pressure steam… CONTINUE READING