• Materials Science
  • Published 2012

丙烯腈分解菌Mesorhizobium sp. F28醯胺酶基因突變株之建構及其腈水合酶基因之異源表現

  title={丙烯腈分解菌Mesorhizobium sp. F28醯胺酶基因突變株之建構及其腈水合酶基因之異源表現},
Nitrile are compounds bearing a cyanide radical (-CN). These compounds, which exist widely in nature environment, are produced by plants in generally and synthesized by chemical technology. Nitriles are widely used in agricultural chemistry and petrochemical plastic industry, so the wastewater from related factories often contains a large amount of nitrile compounds. Because nitrile compounds are known to be mutagenic and carcinogenic, if the wastewater are released without any treatment, it… CONTINUE READING