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ヒト半数体精子細胞特異的Actin Capping Protein α3(CPα3)遺伝子の単離と解析

  title={ヒト半数体精子細胞特異的Actin Capping Protein $\alpha$3(CP$\alpha$3)遺伝子の単離と解析},
  author={宮川 康 and 中村 吉宏 and 高橋 徹 and 松宮 清美 and 奥山 明彦 and 田中 宏光 and 井口 尚子 and 西宗 義武},
  journal={The Japanese Journal of Urology},
Ractopamine-induced changes in the proteome of post-mortem beef longissimus lumborum muscle
Dietary ractopamine could influence the abundance of enzymes associated with muscle development and muscle fibre type shift in beef LL muscle, suggesting that growth promotants and meat quality could be influenced by this agent.
Non-canonical Wnt signalling in craniofacial skeletogenesis: role of wls, gpc4, wnt5b and wnt9a
It is shown that disruption of wls resulted in a significant loss of craniofacial bone, whereas lack of gpc4, wnt5b and wnt9a resulted in severely delayed endochondral ossification, demonstrating the importance of the non-canonical Wnt pathway in regulating coordinated ventral cartilage morphogenesis by directing chondrocyte polarity.