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アジア産のキマワリ属 (Plesiophthalmus) とその近縁属についての追加研究(その5)

  title={アジア産のキマワリ属 (Plesiophthalmus) とその近縁属についての追加研究(その5)},
  author={益本 仁雄 and 秋田 勝己},
  journal={The entomological review of Japan},
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A new Chinese Pseudoogeton species and key to the species of the genus (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Amarygmini)
Abstract Pseudoogeton maoxianum sp. n. is described from Sichuan, China. A key to the males of the species of Pseudoogeton Masumoto, 1989 is presented.