„Uwięzione dzieciństwo” – bariery procesu socjalizacji

  title={„Uwięzione dzieciństwo” – bariery procesu socjalizacji},
  author={Jana Maria Chojecka},
Chojecka Jana, "Uwiezione dziecinstwo" - bariery procesu socjalizacji ("Imprisoned Child- hood" - Barriers to Socialization). Studia Edukacyjne nr 29, 2013, Poznan 2013, pp. 191-211. Adam Mickiewicz University Press. ISBN 978-83-232-2738-0. ISSN 1233-6688 The most popular punishment in response to a crime is imprisonment. We can observe increasing rates of the prison population all over the world. Women are the fastest-growing segment of the prison population. We have to remember that when we… CONTINUE READING