„Tigranu, the Crown Prince of Armenia“: Evidence from the Babylonian Astronomical Diaries

  title={„Tigranu, the Crown Prince of Armenia“: Evidence from the Babylonian Astronomical Diaries},
  author={Markham J. Geller and Giusto Traina},
  pages={447 - 454}
Summary Two astronomical diaries, dating to the year 216 of the Seleucid Era (=95 bc), refer to the Crown Prince ti-ig-ra-nu, i.e. the Armenian king Tigran ‚the Great‘ (95-ca. 55 bc). A fresh reading of the texts allows us to resolve some passages and propose a historical commentary of the events related to Greater Armenia, from the death of Artawazd I to the beginning of Tigran’s reign after his staying in Lower Mesopotamia as a royal hostage. 
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Tigranes was the name borne by several kings of the Artaxiads of Armenia. This dynasty, taking advantage of the Seleucid defeat at Magnesia in 189 bce, had begun to reign independently.



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It would seem appropriate in this fiftieth anniversary of the School to present a hitherto unpublished, though regrettably fragmentary, Babylonian text which provides new political and economic

Halley's comet of 87 BC on the coins of Armenian king Tigranes?

Coins of Armenian king Tigranes the Great clearly reveal a star with a tail on the royal tiara which may be associated with the Halley’s passage of 87 BC. Tigranes II the Great (95-55 BC) had made

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