„So, what's a hate crime anyway?” young adults' perceptions of hate crimes, victims, and perpetrators

  title={„So, what's a hate crime anyway?” young adults' perceptions of hate crimes, victims, and perpetrators},
  author={K. Craig and C. R. Waldo},
  journal={Law and Human Behavior},
Male and female young adults provided responses to open-ended questions about hate crimes. Results indicated considerable variability in their definitions, with perceptions of hate crimes differing with regard to demographic characteristics of both victims and perceivers. Victims may experience hate crimes differently because of who they are, why they are victimized, and with whom they share their experiences. In a separate study, males and females each evaluated a scenario of a hate crime… Expand
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Lesbians' and gay men's experiences of discrimination and harassment in a university community
  • A. D'augelli
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Over half of the sample feared for their personal safety; their fear was related to the amount of harassment and previous property damage, and men were more often victimized than women. Expand
Hate crimes against lesbians and gay men. Issues for research and policy.
  • G. Herek
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Assaults may have increased in frequency during the last few years, with many incidents now including spoken references to the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome by the assailants. Expand
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