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“You’re an Embarrassment”: Un-housed people’s understandings of policing in downtown San Diego

  title={“You’re an Embarrassment”: Un-housed people’s understandings of policing in downtown San Diego},
  author={Megan Welsh and Mounah Abdel-Samad},
  journal={Criminology, Criminal Justice, Law \& Society},
This paper presents findings from an ongoing study of the use of police to manage the issue of street homelessness in downtown San Diego, California. We situate our study among recent conceptualizations of policing and homelessness in post-industrial cities. We draw on data collected over the past two years through brief, structured interviews (n=195), focus groups (n=23), and in-depth, semi-structured interviews (n=20) with un-housed people about their experiences with law enforcement. Our… 
“It’s Just a Band-Aid on Something No One Really Wants to See or Acknowledge”: A Photovoice Study with Transitional Aged Youth Experiencing Homelessness to Examine the Roots of San Diego’s 2016–2018 Hepatitis A Outbreak
This community-based participatory research study leveraged diverse qualitative methods, principally photovoice, to explore how the social and built environment shapes health among TAY experiencing homelessness in San Diego, how these environments may have contributed to the HAV outbreak, and TAY’s perceptions of HAV-related public health interventions.
Engaging unhoused community members in the design of an alternative first responder program aimed at reducing the criminalization of homelessness.
The methods, findings, and recommendations from the collaborative survey process aimed at ensuring that the voices of people experiencing homelessness informed the development of the Portland Street Response pilot program are described.
Conceptualizing an Interdisciplinary Collective Impact Approach to Examine and Intervene in the Chronic Cycle of Homelessness
The necessary capacity-building at the institution and community level for the model, the complementary strengths and contributions of each stakeholder discipline in the proposed model, and future goals for implementation to address homelessness in the Southern California region are described.
An Assessment of Ambient Water Quality and Challenges with Access to Water and Sanitation Services for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness in Riverine Encampments
Water samples upstream and downstream of three homeless encampments in the San Diego River watershed indicated that there are anthropogenic sources of contamination in the river during dry weather and potential risks associated with the use of this water by encampment residents.
Itinérance, santé mentale, justice
Plusieurs programmes et services ont ete developpes en vue d’adapter les interventions policieres et les processus judiciaires aux besoins des personnes ayant des troubles mentaux, de surcroit