“Womanhood does not reside in documentation”: Queer and feminist student activism for transgender women's inclusion at women's colleges

  title={“Womanhood does not reside in documentation”: Queer and feminist student activism for transgender women's inclusion at women's colleges},
  author={Shannon Weber},
  journal={Journal of Lesbian Studies},
  pages={29 - 45}
  • S. Weber
  • Published 2 January 2016
  • Sociology, Art
  • Journal of Lesbian Studies
ABSTRACT This article considers queer-driven student activism at Smith College, as well as admissions policy shifts at a number of prominent U.S. women's colleges for transgender women's inclusion. The author illustrates how student attempts to dismantle the transmisogyny at Smith as a purportedly feminist “women's” space, as well as some women's colleges' shifts in admissions policy, challenge divisions between transgender and cisgender women. This paradigmatic shift reflects the campuses as… 

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