“Why can’t I Have the Office Jobs?”: Immigrant Latinx Transgender Peoples’ Experiences with Seeking Employment

  title={“Why can’t I Have the Office Jobs?”: Immigrant Latinx Transgender Peoples’ Experiences with Seeking Employment},
  author={Roberto L. Abreu and Kirsten A. Gonzalez and Louis Lindley and Cristal{\'i}s Capielo Rosario and Gabriel M. Lockett and Manuel Teran},
  journal={Journal of Career Development},
Research has documented the experiences of transgender people in seeking employment. To date, no scholarship has explored the experiences of immigrant Latinx transgender people seeking employment in the United States. Using an intersectionality framework, the present study aimed to uncover the experiences of immigrant Latinx transgender people as they sought employment in the United States. A community sample of 18 immigrant Latinx transgender people from a large metropolitan city in Florida… 
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