“Who sharpens the knives in my house?” Belarusian jokes about adultery at the turn of the 21st century

  title={“Who sharpens the knives in my house?” Belarusian jokes about adultery at the turn of the 21st century},
  author={Anastasiya Fiadotava},
  journal={The European Journal of Humour Research},
This paper is a tribute to Belarusian folklorist and ethnographer Uladzimir Sysou (1951-1997) whose extensive legacy includes collecting 139 jokes during his field research in southern Belarus in 1995. Due to his untimely death, these jokes and other folklore items remain unpublished and have, to my knowledge, not been noticed by folklorists. Half of the collected jokes focus on family relations, mostly the relationship between husband and wife. One of the most popular topics of these jokes is… 
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