“What's next? Calling beer-drinking a sport?!”: virtual resistance to considering eSport as sport

  title={“What's next? Calling beer-drinking a sport?!”: virtual resistance to considering eSport as sport},
  author={Anne Tj{\o}nndal},
  journal={Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal},
  • A. Tjønndal
  • Published 23 September 2020
  • Education
  • Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal
PurposeThe purpose of this paper is to study virtual resistance towards the introduction of Norway's first professional eSport league in the category of sport video games (SVGs), Eserien – the professional FIFA league and its inclusion in the Norwegian Football Federation.Design/methodology/approachA qualitative content analysis of texts published from the first season of Eserien was launched (December 2018) and during the first season of Eserien (April 2019 to December 2019) in Norwegian… 
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  • A. Tjønndal
  • Education
    Frontiers in Sports and Active Living
  • 2020
The results show that the use of digital tools amongst the studied Norwegian coaches and boxing clubs varied in frequency and form during the spring of 2020 (COVID-19 shutdown), and online training strategies varied between different constellations of three specific factors.
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