“Virile Syndicalism” in Comparative Perspective: A Gender Analysis of the IWW in the United States and Australia

  title={“Virile Syndicalism” in Comparative Perspective: A Gender Analysis of the IWW in the United States and Australia},
  author={F. Shor},
  journal={International Labor and Working-class History},
  • F. Shor
  • Published 1999
  • Political Science
  • International Labor and Working-class History
It is no coincidence that syndicalism emerges in a historical period when industrial discipline, economic efficiency, and social regularization are the guiding imperatives in the reconstruction of power and authority in the workplace. The syndicalist tendencies that mark the working-class response to this early twentieth-century effort at reconstituting workplace rules and regulations not only arise to combat capitalism but also to contest the respectable reformism of craft-based labor unions… Expand
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