“Variolation” and Vaccination in Late Imperial China, Ca 1570–1911

  title={“Variolation” and Vaccination in Late Imperial China, Ca 1570–1911},
  author={Angela Ki Che Leung},
The first reliable record of smallpox in China can be dated to the fifteenth century [1]. By early Song period, around the tenth century, smallpox had become essentially a childhood disease, but it remained one of the most fatal childhood diseases until the nineteenth century. 
Relocating Pastorian Medicine: Accommodation and Acclimatization of Pastorian Practices against Smallpox at the Pasteur Institute of Chengdu, China, 1908–1927
  • C. Liu
  • Medicine
  • Science in Context
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The ways in which local networks and circumstances informed the circulation and construction of knowledge and practices relating to smallpox prophylaxis in the Southwest of China during the early twentieth century are demonstrated. Expand
The history of vaccination and current vaccination policies in Korea
  • S. Cha
  • Medicine
  • Clinical and experimental vaccine research
  • 2012
There may be many reasons for the significant decrease in the incidence of the pediatric infectious diseases in modern Korea; this could be due to the improvement of sanitary facilities, significantExpand
Cobertura de vacunación y su impacto en lactantes con la incorporación de Barrio Adentro en Sanare Vaccination coverage and its impact on infants with Barrio Adentro inclusion in Sanare
The vaccination schedule with Bacillus Calmette-Guerin, pentavalent and measlesmumps-rubella vaccine was not as estimated in spite of the advances achieved, which main there were difficulties in communication and accessibility to the corresponding health area, as well as with the care coverage both by Cuban and Venezuelan professional personnel. Expand
Variola Virus: Clinical, Molecular, and Bioterrorism Perspectives
There are massive knowledge gaps in the understanding of the role of viral and/or host factors in VARV transmission, viral life cycle, host restriction, and pathogenesis. Expand
INSTITUTO DE TECNOLOGIA EM IMUNOBIOLÓGICOS Mestrado Profissional em Tecnologia de Imunobiológicos
To ensure the regular supply of yellow fever vaccine (attenuated) to the national and international agencies in times of high demand, as well as increase supply and improve the use of doses distributed, avoiding the waste of a stable vaccine, stability studies were performed. Expand
Clinical vaccine development
  • Seunghoon Han
  • Medicine
  • Clinical and experimental vaccine research
  • 2015
Physicians and others involved in the clinical development of vaccines should have sufficient understanding of the recent developmental trends in vaccination and the diseases of interest. Expand
Nosocomial influenza in patients with cancer before the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) era and one year after the pandemic: Can we do any better in hospitals?
Present address: Department of Infectious Diseases, Hospital General of México Eduardo Liceaga, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de MéxICO, Mexico. Expand
Reviews Traditional Knowledge-based Medicine : A Review of History , Principles , and Relevance in the Present Context of P 4 Systems Medicine
Wellness and healing are the challenges traditionally addressed by medicine, empirically shaped along with the evolution of civilizations. Western medicine (WM) originates from Middle-Eastern andExpand
Traditional Knowledge-based Medicine: A Review of History, Principles, and Relevance in the Present Context of P4 Systems Medicine
Wellness and healing are the challenges traditionally addressed by medicine, empirically shaped along with the evolution of civilizations. Western medicine (WM) originates from Middle-Eastern andExpand
Preparation and Evaluation of Single-Stranded DNA Aptamer-Based Immunological Adjuvant in Broiler Chickens
Mineral oils and metal salts are commonly used as adjuvants to enhance acquired immunity. Recently, monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) and recombinant peptides agonist CD40 receptor have shown remarkableExpand


Infant and Child Mortality Among the Qing Nobility: Implications for Two Types of Positive Check
Demographers, as early as Malthus, have assumed that in traditional China the positive check, mortality, was largely beyond human control. This paper re-examines the role of the positive check inExpand
China and the origins of immunology.
First S.T. Huang-Chan Memorial Lecture, 9 November 1979, Department of Anatomy, University of Hong Kong
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