“Um… I’m Pregnant.” Young Men’s Attitudes Towards Their Role in Abortion Decision-Making

  title={“Um… I’m Pregnant.” Young Men’s Attitudes Towards Their Role in Abortion Decision-Making},
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Estimates of abortion rates in Australia suggest that substantial numbers of men are party to an unplanned pregnancy. Although men have no formal legal rights in the decision to terminate a pregnancy, they may be liable to pay child support. The purpose of this 2011 study was to glean young men’s perspectives on their role in unplanned pregnancy. In semi-structured in-depth interviews, ten male university students aged 20–23 gave their views on their role in imaginary scenarios and real-life… Expand
Subjective meanings of ‘unintended’ pregnancy: interviews from understanding fertility management in contemporary Australia
An appreciation of the role such a pregnancy might play in an individual life requires a nuanced understanding of the complexity of human experience and a resistance to simple binary categorisation. Expand
Adolescent men's attitudes and decision making in relation to pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes: An integrative review of the literature from 2010 to 2017.
It is argued that a greater understanding of young men's experiences when they experience an unintended pregnancy with a partner within a relationship or beyond it is a fundamental first step in offering reproduction and sexual health counselling and services to men. Expand
The decision to have an abortion from both partners’ perspectives: a dyadic analysis
Abstract Objectives: Male partners are often involved in induced abortion although they have no legal rights. It is, however, unknown how women’s thoughts and feelings regarding the decision forExpand
Reasons for Abortion: Religion, Religiosity/Spirituality and Attitudes of Male Secondary School Youth in South Africa
The findings revealed that religion and R/S play a role in the youths’ attitudes toward abortion, and higherR/S levels were linked with more negative attitudes toward reasons for abortion. Expand
Male Abortion Beneficiaries: Exploring the Long-Term Educational and Economic Associations of Abortion Among Men Who Report Teen Pregnancy.
Women's use of abortion services were associated with educational benefits for men who report teen pregnancies and a positive association between abortion and personal income only compared to men who did not reside with their child born during adolescence. Expand
The role of men in induced abortion decision making in an urban area of the Philippines
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To understand beliefs about unintended pregnancy and abortion, and perceptions about male roles related to pregnancy decision‐making among men in the Philippines, a study of public attitudes and beliefs is conducted. Expand


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The importance of helping the male adolescent with his reactions as a condition for using the equipment constituting impact factors and tools for process on the way to decision about abortion is suggested. Expand
Preventing pregnancy: a girls' issue. Seventeen-year-old Swedish boys' perceptions on abortion, reproduction and use of contraception
Equal responsibility among boys and girls regarding reproductive issues is still a challenge, but nevertheless an important key to the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. Expand
Contraceptive decision-making in sexual relationships: young men's experiences, attitudes and values
A strategy is needed to address relationship values, dynamics and condom use beyond STI-prevention frameworks and young women's ability to make appropriate contraceptive choices in light of the inherent difficulties and uncertainty associated with casual relationships. Expand
College students' attitudes toward shared responsibility in decisions about abortion: implications for counseling.
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The need for more research on the male's experience with an unplanned pregnancy, more systematic explanation of his perceptions relative to seeking and obtaining pregnancy counseling, and level of satisfaction with such counseling is pointed out. Expand
Experiences of, and attitudes towards, pregnancy and fatherhood amongst incarcerated young male offenders: findings from a qualitative study.
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The cultural context of the men's attitudes and the potential for intervention development for incarcerated male young offenders in the areas of Sex and Relationships Education and parenting are considered. Expand
Understanding the pregnancy decision-making process among couples seeking induced abortion.
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Although making the choice to have an abortion rests with the woman, her partner may play a role in the decision-making process, particularly when the woman is undecided. Expand
Young males' perspectives on pregnancy, fatherhood and condom use: Where does responsibility for birth control lie?
Young males' unfavourable attitudes toward immediate pregnancy and fatherhood provide a unique opportunity for safe sex promotion by encouraging greater ownership over sexual and reproductive health outcomes, however, this requires a shift in the meanings associated with condoms. Expand
Perceptions of male knowledge and support among U.S. women obtaining abortions.
Examination of perceptions of male knowledge and support for the abortion according to three relationship characteristics suggests that most women obtaining abortions are able to rely on male partners for social support. Expand
The rights and responsibilities of men in abortion situations
In recent years, much controversy has surrounded the abortion issue. For the most part, this has centered on the question of women's rights-whether or not women should be allowed to have an abortionExpand
Abortion attitudes as determinants of perceptions regarding male involvement in abortion decisions.
The extent to which abortion attitudes, conceptualization of abortion as strictly a female issue, and interest in the issue operate as effective predictors of the appropriate level of male involvement in abortion decisions was examined in a sample of 1,387 college students. Expand