“They Must Be Crazy”

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Researching sensitive issues in education in the Limpopo Province of South Africa

Researchers in Social Sciences have generally encountered problems in ensuring data quality when dealing with topics that are regarded as sensitive. This thesis reports on an investigation into the

Researching a New Interface between Religions and Publicly Funded Schools in the UK

ABSTRACT The article reports initial findings from a values education programme that is currently being implemented, in various forms, in several primary schools in England. The programme is ‘Living

Handle with Care: Reflections on the Academic Study of Scientology

The late 2018 publication of Donald Westbrook’s Among the Scientologists marks the culmination of a decade of increased scholarship on the Church of Scientology from a variety of scholarly

When reciprocal violence turns into mutual acceptance

The purpose of this paper is to identify practices aimed at “passing the test” in fieldwork contexts characterized by reciprocal forms of symbolic violence.,It is based on an analysis of a fieldwork

Spirituality trapped in androcentric celebrity cults in South Africa post-1994

This article makes a distinction between cultic spiritualties that are prevalent in South Africa and a womanist spirituality of liberation. The current trends related to celebrity lifestyles in

The everyday geopolitics of Messianic Jews in Israel-Palestine

Desecration, Moral Boundaries, and the Movement of Law: The Case of Westboro Baptist Church

Using participant observation, in-depth interviews, and legislative histories, we examine Westboro Baptist Church, a religious group infamous for homophobic rhetoric and funeral protests. Employing

Probleme der Erforschung sozialer Probleme

Methodenprobleme, die typisch fur die Forschung im Bereich sozialer Probleme sind, stellen den Gegenstand dieses Beitrages dar, nicht das sehr komplex und quasi "multikulturell" gewordene Arsenal der

Career Motivation of NGO Professionals in Songkhla Province of Thailand: A Qualitative Study

The aim of this study was to investigate the career motivation of professionals in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Songkhla province of Thailand. Professionals were defined as the university



The politics of deviance

The Limits of Symbolic Realism: Problems of Empathic Field Observation in a Sectarian Context*

Robert Bellah's "symbolic realism" is an epistemological orientation which asserts the existential "reality" of religious symbols without necessarily accepting their factual reality. It thus implies

Hare Krishna in America

Traces the growth of the Hare Krishna movement in the U.S., describes the experiences of individual followers, and analyzes recruitment patterns, activities, and leadership of the movement.


The article contains an overview of theoretical and empirical work carried out by sociologists of religion in the study of new religious movements and the anticult movement since 1978; it pays