“The crusade is the vision”: branding charisma in a global pentecostal ministry

  title={“The crusade is the vision”: branding charisma in a global pentecostal ministry},
  author={Tamar Gordon and Mary Elizabeth Hancock},
  journal={Material Religion},
  pages={386 - 404}
This paper explores the rhetorical properties of mass-mediated revival spectacles staged by Reinhard Bonnke, a German-born evangelist who has long worked in Sub-Saharan Africa and claims to have converted millions of Africans to Christianity. The swooping pans of these massive African crusades, which form the establishing shots in proselytic videos, model Bonnke's particular Pentecostal visual ideology. In doing so, these images bear material witness to Bonnke's reputation as a global… 

Only (Dis-)Connect: Pentecostal Global Networking as Revelation and Concealment

Contemporary forms of Pentecostalism, such as that of the Faith Movement, are often represented as inherently global, constituting a religion 'made to travel' and to missionize across the world. I

Miracle Workers and Nationhood: Reinhard Bonnke and Benny Hinn in Fiji

In 2003, the Assembly of Christian Churches of Fiji (ACCF ) invited evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, who is reputed to have raised a man from the dead, to conduct a revival in Fiji. Three years later, an

Religious revelation, secrecy and the limits of visual representation

This article seeks to contribute to a more adequate understanding of the adoption of modern audiovisual mass media by contemporary religious groups. It does so by examining Pentecostal-charismatic

Accra's Sounds and Sacred Spaces

This article explores the sonic sacralization of urban space in the multicultural city of Accra. In Ghanaian cities today religious groups increasingly vie for public presence. It is especially the

The Custodians of the Gift

Emerging from more than two decades of research in the field and in the archives, the essays collected here explore the multifaceted topic of the Fijian firewalking ceremony, the vilavilairevo. The

Theo-urbanism: pastoral power and Pentecostals in Johannesburg

Abstract This article draws on Foucauldian analysis and ethnographic observations in a Pentecostal church in Johannesburg, to read how everyday urbanism is increasingly suffused with Pentecostal

Marketing a new African God: Pentecostalism and material salvation in Ghana

Pentecostalism is an American creation that has been exported to various parts of the world. Its message of hope is produced and promoted by churches that are led by religious entrepreneurial

Insight, Secrecy, Beasts, and Beauty: Struggles over the Making of a Ghanaian Documentary on "Afrrican Traditional Religion"

Since the liberalization of the Ghanaian media in 1992, audiovisual representation has become crucial in the struggle over religion and culture. This article examines the neo-traditionalist Afrikania

Pentecosmopolis: on the pentecostal cosmopolitanism of Lagos

ABSTRACT Based on ethnography conducted in Lagos, one of the foremost pentecostal cities in the world, this article coins the interconnected concepts of ‘Pentecosmopolis’ and ‘pentecosmopolitanism’

Church Branding and Self-Packaging: the Mass Media and African Pentecostal Missionary Strategy

  • F. Benyah
  • Business
    Journal of Religion in Africa
  • 2018
The use of the mass media has become a contemporary and fast-growing religious phenomenon within Pentecostal and charismatic churches. By drawing implications on the use of modern media technologies,



“Praise the Lord”: Popular cinema and pentecostalite style in Ghana's new public sphere

In this article I examine the elective affinity between Pentecostalism and the vibrant video-film industry that has flourished in the wake of Ghana's adoption of a democratic constitution. I argue

Altar Media?s Living Word. Televised Charismatic Christianity in Ghana

The process of making, broadcasting and watching Living Word shows how the format of televisualisation of religious practice creates charisma, informs ways of perception, and produces new kinds of religious subjectivity and spiritual experience.

'"Christ is the Answer": What is the Question?' A Ghana Airways Prayer Vigil and its Implications for Religion, Evil and Public Space

Religion and life, both private and public, remain strongly linked in Africa. This was recently expressed in a prayer vigil organized by Ghana Airways when the staff and management invited a

Managing brand equity : capitalizing on the value of a brand name

The most important assets of any business are intangible: its company name, brands, symbols, and slogans, and their underlying associations, perceived quality, name awareness, customer base, and

Managing brand equity: Capitalizing on the value of a brand name

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