“Stop Importing Weapons of Family Destruction!”

  title={“Stop Importing Weapons of Family Destruction!”},
  author={Sharmila Lodhia},
  journal={Violence Against Women},
  pages={905 - 936}
A critical, albeit understudied, dimension of the backlash against women’s anti-violence advocacy is the rise of Indian men’s rights organizations formed to lobby for changes to, and in some cases, the complete abolition of vital legal protections for women. Utilizing cyber forums, public protests, and print media, these groups disseminate narratives of women wreaking destruction on the Indian family through their alleged misuse of “gender-biased” laws. These activities are significant because… 

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A Discursive Spectrum: The Narrative of Kenya’s “Neglected” Boy Child

  • Isabel Pike
  • Sociology
    Gender & society : official publication of Sociologists for Women in Society
  • 2020
A narrative that on the surface could be backlash to gender equality efforts is examined: that after years of policy attention to girls, Kenya’s “boy child” has been neglected, finding that it was present as early as 2000, intensified around 2010, and began to produce concrete actions around 2013.

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Past failures to mobilize communities in collective action against violence against women (VAW) have been ascribed to contextual challenges, but researchers have not systematically mapped community

Social Readiness to Take Collective Action Against Violence Against Women: A Mixed Methods Study of Informal Settlements in Mumbai, India

Past failures to mobilize communities in collective action against violence against women (VAW) have been ascribed to contextual challenges, but researchers have not systematically mapped community

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It is announced that M. Pippen Whitaker's article “Linking Community Protective Factors to Intimate Partner Violence” was voted by Violence Against Women’s associate editors and editorial board as the Best Article of 2014.

Sexual Violence Against Women in India: Daily Life and Coping Strategies of Young Women in Delhi

It is suggested that women’s use of safety and avoidance strategies are safety behaviors that play a key role in maintaining women”s fear and societal dynamics.

#Notallmen, #Menenism, Manospheres and Unsafe Spaces: Overt and Subtle Masculinism in Anti-“PC” Discourse

This chapter shows how masculinist logics play out in contemporary antifeminist, father’s rights and men’s rights backlashes, in alt-right discourse and broader anti diversity and anti-‘political

Intimate partner sexual violence against women in Sylhet, Bangladesh: some risk factors.

  • M. Islam
  • Political Science
    Journal of biosocial science
  • 2020
Women who had committed to pay dowry upon marriage, suspected their husbands of having extramarital affairs and reported having poor spousal communication were more likely to report experiencing IPSV by their husbands compared with their counterparts in Bangladesh.



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The article highlights possible solutions to the crisis of domestic violence with reference to men’s organizations in some countries that are trying innovative approaches to counter the crisis, and where India can culturally create the space for sensitizing men to the current crisis.

“Fathers’ Rights” and the Defense of Paternal Authority in Australia

  • M. Flood
  • Political Science
    Violence against women
  • 2010
The ways in which fathers’ rights groups in Australia have influenced changes in family law, which privilege parental contact over safety, are documented, particularly through moves toward a presumption of children’s joint residence.

Legal Protection Against Domestic Violence in India: Scope and Limitations

This paper deals with the scope and limits of legal measures to curb domestic violence against women in India. The Indian state has enacted several laws in the past to address the issue and recently

Addressing Domestic Violence Against Women: An Unfinished Agenda

  • R. KaurS. Garg
  • Political Science
    Indian journal of community medicine : official publication of Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine
  • 2008
“Domestic violence is a burden on numerous sectors of the social system and quietly, yet dramatically, affects the development of a nation… batterers cost nations fortunes in terms of law

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This article examines government and advocacy group texts on three recent Canadian domestic violence policy moments. Drawing on governance, feminist poststructuralist, and social movement

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