“Stay nearby or get checked”: A Covid-19 control strategy

  title={“Stay nearby or get checked”: A Covid-19 control strategy},
  author={Jan-Tino Brethouwer and A. V. D. Rijt and R. Lindelauf and R. Fokkink},
  journal={Infectious Disease Modelling},
  pages={36 - 45}
This paper repurposes the classic insight from network theory that long-distance connections drive disease propagation into a strategy for controlling a second wave of Covid-19. We simulate a scenario in which a lockdown is first imposed on a population and then partly lifted while long-range transmission is kept at a mini-mum. Simulated spreading patterns resemble contemporary distributions of Covid- 19 across EU member states, German and Italian regions, and through New York City, providing… Expand
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  • N. Carnegie
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Statistics in medicine
  • 2018
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