“So Full of Myself as a Chick”

  title={“So Full of Myself as a Chick”},
  author={Amy C. Wilkins},
  journal={Gender \& Society},
  pages={328 - 349}
  • A. Wilkins
  • Published 1 June 2004
  • Sociology
  • Gender & Society
Drawing on interviews, participant observation, and Internet postings, this article analyzes gender in a local Goth scene. These Goths use the confines of the subcultural scene, where they are relatively safe from outsider view, and the scene’s celebration of sexuality as resources to resist mainstream notions of passive femininity. This article probes the struggles of women in this Goth scene to examine the broader possibilities and limitations of strategies of active feminine sexuality in… 
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This article contributes to the discussion of hegemonic and alternative femininities through an ethnographic study of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby. As a site for construction of alternative
Material girls and Material love: Consuming femininity and the contradictions of post-girl power among Kenyan schoolgirls
It is shown how the co-optation of the materiality of romantic love and normative expectations of male provision in romantic relationships bridge the gap between consumption desires and economic realities among Kenyan schoolgirls in both powerful and problematic ways.
Masculinity Dilemmas: Sexuality and Intimacy Talk among Christians and Goths
  • A. Wilkins
  • Sociology
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 2009
I n this article, I compare seemingly antithetical groups of white middleclass young adult men. The first, members of a university-based evangelical organization I call University Unity, engage in a
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Abstract Until now, British Asian popular music culture and leisure spaces have attracted little sociological investigation. This article redresses the lack of attention paid to this area by focusing
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Thirty years of scholarship on men and masculinities paint a rather grim picture of oppressive but insecure men, benefiting from patriarchy and male privilege but living under a constant ‘burden of
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There are a number of gaps in current understandings of the links between young femininities, agency and social class. Building on recent work, we examine how closely young middle-class women in one
Ideological Resilience and Disruption: Reproducing and Resisting Gender and Racial Inequality in Cases of Teacher Sexual Misconduct
Author(s): Mulligan, Kerry Ryan | Advisor(s): Guenther, Katja M. | Abstract: Through a comparative analysis of the media coverage and legal treatment of a national sample of criminal cases involving


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Pretty in Punk: Girls' Gender Resistance in a Boys' Subculture
Pretty in Punk: Girls' Gender Resistance in a Boys' Subculture. Lauraine Leblanc. New Brunswick, NJ and London: Rutgers University Press, 1999. Girls got it bad. Indeed, the historical girth of
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