“Saturday Night Live” and Weekend Update

  title={“Saturday Night Live” and Weekend Update},
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“Saturday Night Live” is a television institution that has played a pivotal role in cultivating American television satire with its main target for the last thirty years being politics and politicians, particularly on its Weekend Update segment. Using interviews with some of those involved with “SNL” as well as other primary sources, this article examines how this “newscast” was developed over its first five years, with attention paid to its role and purpose, how its material was selected and… 
Live From New York, It's the Fake News! Saturday Night Live and the (Non)Politics of Parody
Though Saturday Night Live's “Weekend Update” has become one of the most iconic of fake news programs, it is remarkably unfocused on either satiric critique or parody of particular news conventions.
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Recent studies have shown that young adults (ages 18-to-24) follow current events at a much lower rate than their older counterparts. Many students found they do not have time to follow the news or
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The telephone interview.
You should take a telephone interview as seriously as you would a face-to-face interview if you do poorly on the telephone interview, and be prepared to respond to questions.
Amllsing 011r.relves to Death
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