“Romashka” reactor-converter

  title={“Romashka” reactor-converter},
  author={N. N. Ponomarev-stepnoi and N. E. Kukharkin and Veniamin A. Usov},
  journal={Atomic Energy},
On August 14, 1964, the “Romashka” reactor-converter—the world's first setup with direct (thermoelectric) conversion of heat from235U fission into electricity—was started up at the I. V. Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy and service-life nuclear tests were begun. In 1999, 35 years have passed since the “Romashka” reactor-converter was first started up and trials began. “Romashka” successfully operated for about 15000 hours and generated ∼6100 kW·h of electricity.The startup and successful… 
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