“Religion, Nationality, or Politics: Catholicism in the Russian Empire, 1863–1905”

  title={“Religion, Nationality, or Politics: Catholicism in the Russian Empire, 1863–1905”},
  author={Ted R. Weeks},
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  • Ted R. Weeks
  • Published 1 January 2011
  • Philosophy
  • Journal of Eurasian Studies
Organizational commitment and governance for supply chain success in Christian Protestant Churches in Bali
Abstract- Commitment is an important component for successful durable relations that are a constituent of the implementation of Supply Chain Management. This study aims to develop organizational
Management financial behaviour for church during the Covid-19 pandemic
This study aims to explore the application of the Tahir Ilahi behaviour concept, which the researchers themselves discovered in 2014, to the Covid-19 pandemic, whose end remains unknown. This study


Religion and Russification: Russian Language in the Catholic Churches of the “Northwest Provinces” after 1863
From the 1860s on, the Russian empire attempted to re-make itself in the form of a modern state. The period of the "Great Reforms" witnessed the emancipa- tion of the serfs, a lightening of
Russification and the Lithuanians, 1863–1905
  • T. Weeks
  • Economics, History
    Slavic Review
  • 2001
In the half-century after the Polish insurrection of 1863, the Russian government applied many restrictive measures to Lithuanian culture, including the prohibition against printing Lithuanian except
Did the Government Seek to Russify Lithuanians and Poles in the Northwestern Region after the Uprising of 1863-64?
Andreas Kappeler, one of the best-known researchers studying the history of Russia as a poly-ethnic empire, once remarked that the nationalities question in the 19th-century Russian empire is much
Making Russians: Meaning and Practice of Russification in Lithuania and Belarus after 1863.
Acknowledgements Abbreviations Map of the North Western Province and the Suvalki Gubernia (Kingdom of Poland) Introduction I. Administrative Boundaries and Nationality Policy II. The Search for a
Did the Government seek to russify Lithuanians and poles in the Northwest territory after the uprising of 1863-1864
  • Kritika
  • 2004
See also the many excellent works by Staliûnas
  • 2004
Kalba ar konfesija? (Sumanymas įvesti rusų kalbą Vakarų kra
  • 1999
Kalba ar konfesija? (Sumanymas įvesti rusų kalbą Vakarų kra sto pridëtinëse kataliki skose pamaldose)
  • Lietuvos istorijos metra stis125-137, metai
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Politinës jos susikûrimo aplinkybës. Vilnius: Mokslas
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