“Regaining what Mankind has Lost through Civilisation:” Early Nudism and Ambivalent Moderns

  title={“Regaining what Mankind has Lost through Civilisation:” Early Nudism and Ambivalent Moderns},
  author={Ruth Barcan},
  journal={Fashion Theory},
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  • R. Barcan
  • Published 1 March 2004
  • Art
  • Fashion Theory
Mulheres e nudez no movimento naturista brasileiro nos anos de 1950
Resumo: Neste artigo analisamos representações sobre as mulheres na história do movimento nudo-naturista no Brasil, tomando como fontes revistas naturistas produzidas na década de 1950. É evidenciada
Utopian Bodies and Anti-fashion Futures: The Dress Theories and Practices of English Interwar Nudists
abstract:Nudism has been largely overlooked as a means for exploring utopian ideas about bodies and dress, yet the first decade of organized nudism in England demonstrates idealistic beliefs in the
Material Presence and the Detox Delusion: Insights from Social Nudism
Tous a Poil! (Everybody Gets Naked!), a book for children, aimed at countering images of the ideal body, often undressed, elicited austere reactions. This study considers the mythic elements of the
Theorising Nudist Equality: An Encounter Between Political Fantasy and Public Appearance
This paper approaches in/equality theorising through the lens of social nudism. Its starting point is a left conception of inequality where systemic power and the politics of oppression displace
Naked in nature: naturism, nature and the senses in early 20th century Britain
Advocates of naturist practice have long celebrated it as the authentic human—nature relationship, a way of rekindling our connections with the natural world, and a means of achieving and maintaining
Baring the soul: Paul Bindrim, Abraham Maslow and 'nude psychotherapy'.
  • Ian Nicholson
  • Psychology
    Journal of the history of the behavioral sciences
  • 2007
Although nude therapy has an indisputable tabloid character, it is also rooted in a long-standing academic search for authenticity and ultimate meaning through science.


Empire of Ecstasy: Nudity and Movement in German Body Culture 1910-1935
The author of this book looks at one of the most powerful influences on Western modern dance in the first half of this century: the impact of German culture and aesthetics on the art of movement. The
On Going Naked
  • 1933
Lady Godiva: The Future of Nakedness
  • Merrill, F. and M. Merrill. Among the Nudists
  • 1928
Nudity: A Cultural Anatomy
The Nudity/Clothing Dialectic and the Nude Republic: Celebrity, 'Ordinariness' and Identity are examined.
Empire of Ecstasy: Nudity and Movement in German Body Culture, 1910-1935 (review)
Karl Toepfer’s Empire of Ecstacy is an informative book, exhaustively researched and extensive in its scope. It documents the breadth of movement practices in early twentieth-century Germany, with
Re-forming the Body: Religion, Community and Modernity
Introduction Re-formed Bodies Volatile Bodies, Sacred Communities Sinful Bodies, Profane Associations Janus-Faced Modernity Ambivalent Bodies Concluding Comments
National Socialism, Nudity and the Male Body
  • Culturefront: A Magazine of the Humanities Spring
  • 1994
Nudism in Australia: A First Study
Carnal Knowing: Female Nakedness and Religious Meaning in the Christian West
An exploration of the power of visual and verbal representations of female nakedness throughout Western Christian history. Margaret Miles looks at how men have treated women's bodies - in their
Miles’s (1989) commentary on the fourth- century Milanese bishop St Ambrose
  • 1989