“Prorok Eliasz na puszczy” w ołtarzu głównym kościoła karmelitów bosych w Czernej

  title={“Prorok Eliasz na puszczy” w ołtarzu gł{\'o}wnym kościoła karmelit{\'o}w bosych w Czernej},
  author={Adam Organisty and Jerzy Żmudziński},
  journal={Folia Historica Cracoviensia},
One of the most interesting early modern paintings in the vicinity of Krakow, located at the main altar of the Discalced Carmelite church in Czerna has not, to date, been the subject of a dedicated study. Although we are not in possession of archive sources which would confirm the attribution, for over a century the canvas has been held to be a work of Tommaso Dolabella. The first section of the article discusses the content of the image, which is ideologically linked to the altar. It also…