“Probable Nature of the Internal Symmetry of Crystals”

  title={“Probable Nature of the Internal Symmetry of Crystals”},
  author={Leonh. Sohncke},
UNDER this head Mr. Barlow has published in NATURE of December 20 and 27, 1883 (pp. 186 and 205) an interesting and ingenious memoir. The subject being very important, but also very difficult and intricate, a discussion of the new theory may perhaps contribute to render our ideas a little more precise. 

Crystallography from Haüy to Laue: controversies on the molecular and atomistic nature of solids.

  • H. Kubbinga
  • Materials Science
    Acta crystallographica. Section A, Foundations of crystallography
  • 2012
This paper focuses on the 19th century, which saw the emancipation of crystallography as a science sui generis and how group theory imposed itself.

Missed opportunities in crystallography

This review analyzes missed opportunities of giants in the history of crystallography focusing on macromolecular crystallographers using Perutz, Pauling, Franklin as examples, although cases of particular historical, methodological or structural relevance are also described.

1 1 Fundamental of Graphene

Graphene, a single-atom-thick sheet of hexagonally arrayed sp2-bonded carbon atoms, has got a significant attention due to its unique electronic [1], mechanical [2], and thermal [3] properties all

Aversiveness of sounds in phocid seals: psycho-physiological factors, learning processes and motivation

In this experiment, sounds maximised for ‘roughness’ perceived as unpleasant by humans also caused the strongest avoidance responses in seals, suggesting that sensory pleasantness may be the result of auditory processing that is not restricted to humans.

Fundamental of Graphene