“Probable Nature of the Internal Symmetry of Crystals”

  title={“Probable Nature of the Internal Symmetry of Crystals”},
  author={Wm. Barlow},
IN reply to the important criticisms offered by Herr L. Sohncke on my new theory published iu NATURE of December 20 and 27, 1883 (pp. 186 and 205)— 

One hundred years of inorganic crystal chemistry – a personal view

It was suspected by Leucippus (fifth century BCE) that atoms had to be ordered, but no relationship between atomic order and crystals has been handed down to us from antiquity. In modern times,

William Barlow’s early publications in the ‘Zeitschrift für Krystallographie und Mineralogie’ and their influence on crystal structure research

  • P. Paufler
  • Materials Science
    Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - Crystalline Materials
  • 2019
Abstract The English crystallographer William Barlow is famous for two achievements, both published in German, in Zeitschrift für Krystallographie und Mineralogie between 1894 and 1901. They concern

Missed opportunities in crystallography

This review analyzes missed opportunities of giants in the history of crystallography focusing on macromolecular crystallographers using Perutz, Pauling, Franklin as examples, although cases of particular historical, methodological or structural relevance are also described.

Molecules in crystals

Hirshfeld surface analysis has developed from the serendipitous discovery of a novel partitioning of the crystal electron density into discrete molecular fragments, to a suite of computational tools

Recent Progress in Sphere

The problem of nding the greatest density of any packing of equal spheres in n-dimensional Euclidean space is an old and important one, which has applications in geometry, number theory, and

The Packing Landscapes of Quasi-One Dimensional Hard Sphere Systems

Packing Landscapes of Constrained Hard Sphere Fluids By Mahdi Zaeifi Yamchi When a liquid is cooled below its equilibrium freezing temperature, it becomes supercooled and the molecular motions slow

The Structure of Water and Electrolyte Solutions

The relevance of ionic transport in aqueous solution to the transport across biologic membranes is briefly discussed and the specific lattice perturbation produced by each ion is analyzed.

Dense Sphere Packings: A Blueprint for Formal Proofs

The 400-year-old Kepler conjecture asserts that no packing of congruent balls in three dimensions can have a density exceeding the familiar pyramid-shaped cannonball arrangement. In this book, a new

Extreme Forms

  • H. Coxeter
  • Mathematics
    Canadian Journal of Mathematics
  • 1951
The two ternary quadratic forms are said to be reciprocal (to each other) since their coefficients form inverse matrices :

Mechanics and thermodynamics of mixtures with continuous diversity : from complex media to ice sheets

The aim of this thesis is to introduce to the reader the thermodynamic theory of mixtures with continuous diversity and to illustrate its potential through applications to diverse complex media.