“Playing With Fire” in a Pre-Election Period: Newspaper Coverage of 2007 Wildfires in Greece

  title={“Playing With Fire” in a Pre-Election Period: Newspaper Coverage of 2007 Wildfires in Greece},
  author={Tasos Hovardas},
  journal={Society \& Natural Resources},
  pages={689 - 705}
  • Tasos Hovardas
  • Published 25 June 2014
  • Environmental Science
  • Society & Natural Resources
Newspaper coverage of 2007 wildfires in Greece was examined within a pre-election period. Interpretative repertoires are presented that were employed by two newspapers, each aligned to one of the two leading parliamentary parties at that time. Media discourse was framed within the emergency character of the fire suppression paradigm, while fire was mistreated as unexpected and “unnatural,” namely, not integral to Mediterranean ecosystem dynamics. Depiction of the government focused on dealing… 
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