“Our Revolution Has Style”: Contemporary Menstrual Product Activists “Doing Feminism” in the Third Wave

  title={“Our Revolution Has Style”: Contemporary Menstrual Product Activists “Doing Feminism” in the Third Wave},
  author={Chris Bobel},
  journal={Sex Roles},
An in-depth content analysis of five web sites and eight paper zines (self-produced and distributed magazines) was conducted to uncover the inspiration, content, and unique strategies associated with text -based contemporary menstrual product activism. Menstrual product activism is loosely defined as various attempts to expose the hazards of commercial “feminine protection” to both women's bodies and the environment and the promotion of healthier, less expensive, and less resource-intensive… 
Feminist menstrual activism in South Korea (1999–2012)
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  • Sociology
    Asian Journal of Women's Studies
  • 2019
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