“Mirror, Mirror on the wall / Who Is the Freest of Them All?”: portrayals of Princesses in Grimms’ Fairy Tales and Contemporary Children’s Literature

  title={“Mirror, Mirror on the wall / Who Is the Freest of Them All?”: portrayals of Princesses in Grimms’ Fairy Tales and Contemporary Children’s Literature},
  author={Maria da Conceiç{\~a}o Tom{\'e} and Gl{\'o}ria Bastos},
The Brothers Grimms' Kinder- und Hausmarchen seems to have promoted pa- triarchal bourgeois values as part of the so- cialization process in the nineteenth century, modelling children's gender identity and be- haviour over time. Taking into account, under the hegemonic representations of gender, that female identity becomes associated with a set of values and behaviours, this article presents an analysis of some portrayals of princesses in contemporary children's literature published in… 


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