“Little of Artistic Merit?”: The Art of the American South

  title={“Little of Artistic Merit?”: The Art of the American South},
  author={Naomi Hood Slipp and Maurie D. McInnis},

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Little of Artistic Merit?
In 1949 Joseph Downs, then curator of the American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, stood before an Antiques Forum audience and famously enraged many by claiming that “little of artistic merit
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The Planter's Prospect: Privilege and Slavery in Plantation Paintings
Reviewed Medium: book Authors: John Michael Vlach Year: 2002 Pages: x + 216 Publisher: University of North Carolina Press Prices: $24.95
Landscape of slavery : the plantation in American art
An exhibition catalog for a traveling exhibit to be debuted in January 2008, "Landscape of Slavery" marries art history with social history in an original study of plantation images from the