“Let the Dance Floor Feel Your Leather”: Set Design, Dance, and the Articulation of Audiences in RKO Radio's Astaire-Rogers Series

  title={“Let the Dance Floor Feel Your Leather”: Set Design, Dance, and the Articulation of Audiences in RKO Radio's Astaire-Rogers Series},
  author={D. Sutton},
  journal={Journal of Popular Film and Television},
  pages={13 - 2}
  • D. Sutton
  • Published 2015
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Popular Film and Television
Abstract: This study revisits a classic film series from the high point of Modernism's influence on Hollywood art direction: RKO Radio's Astaire–Rogers society film musicals from 1933 to 1938. The study makes use of primary evidence, contemporary reviews, and critical writings from the 1930s to illustrate the corporate, social, and production contexts of a film series that made effective use of the networks of social relations extending from studio personnel to theater patrons. The study adopts… Expand
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