“Let Me Take Another Selfie”: Further Examination of the Relation Between Narcissism, Self-Perception, and Instagram Posts

  title={“Let Me Take Another Selfie”: Further Examination of the Relation Between Narcissism, Self-Perception, and Instagram Posts},
  author={Christopher T. Barry and Shari R. Reiter and Alexandra C. Anderson and Mackenzie L. Schoessler and Chloe L. Sidoti},
  journal={Psychology of Popular Media Culture},
The present study sought to replicate and extend recent research on the association between posting self-photographs (“selfies”) and self-perception, particularly narcissism. This study also considered the link between self-perception and photos of oneself that were not selfies (“posies”) to determine if there were intrapersonal implications of selfies versus other self-displays on the popular social media platform, Instagram. Participants with both self-report and observational data were 100… 

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