“Lest We Should Sleep”: COVID-19 and Human Rights

  title={“Lest We Should Sleep”: COVID-19 and Human Rights},
  author={Karima E. Bennoune},
  journal={American Journal of International Law},
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Abstract Any meaningful human rights law approach to COVID-19 must be holistic and recognize the breadth of the challenges to both economic, social, and cultural rights, and civil and political rights. It must be grounded in the threat posed by the disease but also address responses to it, and implicate a wide range of state and nonstate actors. Such an analysis should offer a positive vision of effective global reaction, and counter attempts to hijack rights to oppose legitimate pandemic… 
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The paper concludes that the counter-terrorism analogy nevertheless remains apt in one respect in relation to how challenges that are (even quite properly) framed as open-ended society-wide existential ones invariably carry some risk of the progressive normalisation of supposedly exceptional measures.
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Further information regarding application of the right to health is available in CESCR statement
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