“Less is better”—always true?

  title={“Less is better”—always true?},
  author={Franca Dicuonzo and Stefano Purciariello and Stefano Andresciani and A. De Marco and Antonio Colamaria and Antonio Calace},
  journal={Neurological Sciences},
Objective The aim of the study is to try to explain what an overtreatment is and which ones are the possible risks related to an excess of simplification in the medical practice, through the description of an emblematic clinical case. Methods In the present article, we report the case of a female patient aged 57 who complained about lower back pain and crural neuralgia and had a lumbar and sacral magnetic resonance imaging performed in the Department of Neuroradiology in Bari showing suspicious… Expand
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Pedicle Involvement on MR Imaging Is Common in Osteoporotic Compression Fractures
Pedicle involvement was seen frequently in patients with osteoporotic compression fractures and was not specific for malignancy in the authors' study group. Expand
Unusual Metastasis of Papillary Thyroid Cancer to the Thoracic Spine: A Case Report, New Surgical Management Proposal, and Review of the Literature
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Osteoporosis, vertebral fractures and metabolic syndrome in postmenopausal women
Women with MS had higher BMD at the hip and spine, suggesting a protective effect of MS on bone, however, the prevalence of VFs was similar between women with or without MS. Expand
Discrimination between Malignant and Benign Vertebral Fractures Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Although each MRI feature had a different meaning with a variable differentiation power, combining them led to an accurate diagnosis of benign from malignancy in patients with osteoporosis and cancer. Expand
Clinical characteristics and disease outcome of patients with non-medullary thyroid cancer and brain metastases
It is demonstrated that brain metastases may occur in ≤6% of patients with NMTC and distant metastases, supporting an aggressive treatment approach. Expand
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Differentiation of acute osteoporotic and malignant compression fractures of the spine: use of additive qualitative and quantitative axial diffusion-weighted MR imaging to conventional MR imaging at 3.0 T.
The addition of axial DW imaging to a conventional MR imaging protocol improved diagnostic accuracy in the differentiation of acute osteoporotic from malignant compression fractures by measuring ADCs in the solid portion with careful use of a small ROI. Expand
Radical Surgery of Only the Anterior Elements of the Spine at the Posterior Element Fusion Level due to Metastatic Thyroid Cancer
A 67-year-old woman who had numbness and muscle weakness in the lower limbs caused by metastatic spinal tumor at the posterior element fusion level of L1–L3 vertebrae was treated with radical surgery of only the anterior element to gain stability. Expand
MR Imaging and Osteoporosis: Fractal Lacunarity Analysis of Trabecular Bone
Clinical application of this preliminary version of the method suggests that one of the three coefficients, beta, may represent a standard for the evaluation of trabecular bone architecture and a potentially useful parametric index for the early diagnosis of osteoporosis. Expand
Diagnostic criteria for primary osteoporosis: year 2012 revision
The Japanese Society for Bone and Mineral Research and Japan Osteoporosis Society Joint Review Committee for the Revision of the Diagnostic Criteria for Primary Osteeporosis aimed at obtaining international consistency and made a revised edition based on the new findings in 2012. Expand