“La música en las casas”: Musicalizations in La casa de papel and La casa de las flores and Netflix’s Global Audience

  title={“La m{\'u}sica en las casas”: Musicalizations in La casa de papel and La casa de las flores and Netflix’s Global Audience},
  author={Jacqueline A. Avila},
  journal={American Music},
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My first experience with Spanishlanguage television came in the form of the telenovela, soap operas from Latin America that follow a group of characters (generally a family or closeknit group of friends) through varying life changes, both socially and culturally. These shows were/ are highly melodramatic, including a turbulent romance, a rupture in familial dynamics, severe social inequalities, and even a kidnapping or two: “Telenovelas are a very well established genre that garners large… 
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