“Just Getting Off”: The Inseparability of Ejaculation and Hegemonic Masculinity

  title={“Just Getting Off”: The Inseparability of Ejaculation and Hegemonic Masculinity},
  author={Michael Johnson},
  journal={The Journal of Men's Studies},
  pages={238 - 248}
  • Michael Johnson
  • Published 1 October 2010
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Men's Studies
This paper offers the notion of the “ejaculation imperative” to describe the theoretical and pragmatic processes by which physiological ejaculation becomes intrinsically inseparable from discourses of time, sexual performance and social expectations. By applying theories about male bodies originated by Susan Bordo and Lenore Tiefer and while expanding on Judith Halberstam's concept of “queering” repronormative time, I illustrate the complex negotiations social actors play in the development of… 

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