“Jihadism” as a new religious movement

  title={“Jihadism” as a new religious movement},
  author={Reuven Firestone and Olav Hammer and Mikael Rothstein},

Pro-Violence Sermons of a Secular State: Turkey’s Diyanet on Islamist Militarism, Jihadism and Glorification of Martyrdom

The literature on martyrdom has not, so far, systematically analysed a constitutionally secular state’s extensive use of religion in propagating martyrdom narratives by using state-controlled

Determinants of Arab public opinion on the Caliphate: Islamist elites, religiosity and socioeconomic conditions

Abstract What are the determinants of public opinion on the issue of the Caliphate in the Arab world? My answer to this question outlines the key role played by Islamist elites, religiosity and age

Women of the Caliphate: The Mechanism for Women's incorporation into the Islamic State (IS)

The ongoing incorporation of women into the Islamic State (IS) is unlike what any other jihadi organization in the recent history of jihadism has attempted to achieve. An important question is

The future of the study of Islam and Muslims in the Nordic and Scandinavian region: A Swedish reading of Tidsskrift for Islamforskning

In lieu of an abstract, this is the article's first page: With classical orientalists, such as Frants Buhl (1850-1932) and Johannes Pedersen (1883-1977), and contemporary scholars like Jorgen Baek