“Jamaicanizing” the Mednick Remote Associates Test of Creativity

  title={“Jamaicanizing” the Mednick Remote Associates Test of Creativity},
  author={Marlene A. Hamilton},
  journal={Perceptual and Motor Skills},
  pages={321 - 322}
  • M. Hamilton
  • Published 1 August 1982
  • Psychology
  • Perceptual and Motor Skills
Modification/adaptation of Mednick's Remote Associates Test to make it culture-specific for Jamaica resulted in the production of a 35-item version (r = 0.872) dubbed the “Jamaican RAT.” This was administered, along with a number of other measures of creativity, to a Grade 11 sample of 275 students. Factor analysis showed the Jamaican RAT loading with the Circles Test on what appeared to be a fluency factor of creativity. This was taken as an indication of the test's validity. 
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