“In My Dream She Finds Me…And She Wants Me Just the Way I Am”

  title={“In My Dream She Finds Me…And She Wants Me Just the Way I Am”},
  author={Elmien Lesch and Chandapiwa Kelapile},
  journal={Men and Masculinities},
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Limited research is available with regard to the experience of biological fathers who are interested in being involved in their children’s lives but are restricted from doing so. In this study, we aimed to contribute to understanding these paternal constraints and to give unmarried fathers a platform to voice their experiences regarding restricted contact with their children. Interviews were conducted with six single, Setswana-speaking black fathers in South Africa. The phenomenological… 
Psychosocial and economic challenges faced by young fathers in assuming parental responsibilities in South African communities
The father’s involvement in their children’s life is often defined by economical and psychological support, those without adequate financial muscle are often denied 1) parental contact and 2)
Denied Contact of Sepedi-Speaking Fathers with Their Children after a Relationship Break-Up
ABSTRACT Despite the new South African Children’s Act framework on parental responsibilities and rights, many parents still have a constant battle over children, with fathers being denied contact
This article is based on a qualitative research study focusing on young unmarried fathers’ experiences and perceptions of fatherhood.  Semi-structured interviews were conducted with nine fathers in
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Research is limited on the ways in which men from post-Soviet countries, especially Asian Muslim men, define their paternal responsibilities and the factors that shape their fatherhood experiences.
Fatherhood Among Marginalised Work-Seeking Men in South Africa
Several factors have been shown to shape the ways in which men parent/engage with their children and families. Socio-economic status, culture, history, political background, and access to paid
While there have been significant developments regarding mediation, parental responsibilities and the rights of unmarried fathers, fathers remain challenged in acquiring their parental rights through
Parental responsibilities and rights of unmarried fathers: court decisions and implications for social workers
The Children's Act 38 of 2005 provides for acquisition of parental responsibilities and rights by unmarried fathers. It also allows for suspension, restriction or termination of these
Vehicle for Southern African Knowledge? Men and Masculinities and Research from South Africa
Knowledge production is dominated by publications in and from the global North. This has given rise to a concern that certain perspectives and agendas have global prominence whereas others, from the


"Just be There for Them": Perceptions of Fathering Among Single, Low-Income Men
Using an interpretive life course perspective, we explore how men define their role as fathers based on experiences with their own fathers in the past. Based on qualitative interview data collected
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The absence of biological fathers in South Africa has been constructed as a problem for children of both sexes but more so for boy-children. Arguably the dominant discourse in this respect has
"Being Man Enough": Fatherhood Experiences and Expectations among Teenage Boys in South Africa
Through a socio-psychological lens, this study aimed at exploring how South African school-boys of low socio-economic status experienced interacting with men and fathers about the transition to
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Abstract The nature of father-child relationships is considered here by focusing on the influence of household structures and current partners on such relationships—especially if children were born
Constructing adolescent fatherhood: responsibilities and intergenerational repair
The analysis focuses on the ways paternal responsibilities were constructed and the notion of intergenerational repair is introduced as one of the features of this talk.
'Absent Fathers' or ‘Reorganized Families’? Variations in Father-Child Contact after Parental Break-Up in Norway
Two trends affect modern fatherhood simultaneously: on the one hand, there is an increased emphasis on paternal involvement in the lives of young children. On the other hand, rates of parental
Birth Fathers' Lives after Adoption
While considerable research has been carried out on the experiences of birth mothers in adoption, birth fathers remain a relatively neglected group. As part of an ongoing project to redress the
‘Dads aren't Demons. Mums aren't Madonnas.’ Constructions of fatherhood and masculinities in the (real) Fathers 4 Justice campaign
Constructions of fatherhood are key signifiers of masculinity/ies and, in the context of a new politics of fatherhood, these constructions have been articulated in opposition both to motherhood and
The Role of Father Involvement in the Perceived Psychological Well-Being of Young Adult Daughters: A Retrospective Study
As fathering research has progressed, it has become apparent that the associations with desirable child outcomes found in most research is actually with positive forms of paternal involvement, not
Claiming Fatherhood: Race and the Dynamics of Paternal Involvement among Unmarried Men
It is found that father involvement drops sharply after parents' relationships end, especially when they enter subsequent relationships and have children with new partners, suggesting that fathers' roles outside of conjugal relationships may be more strongly institutionalized in the black community.