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In the paper the concept of "Industry 4.0", which is based on self-organizing production systems, is shown. The attention is paid to the automation which is "an installation" that provides conditions for a human cooperating with the system as a client, service technician and programmer. The problem of competence understood as a competence of the person and as the power of position, and creating more and more independence of the system, independent from the human, way of his functioning, is also… Expand
Challenges Within the Industry 4.0 Setup
The fourth industrial revolution, which is also known as Industry 4.0 elucidates future industry improvement patterns to accomplish intelligent production processes, including dependence on CPS orExpand
Industry 4.0: complex, disruptive, but inevitable
Received: 25 January 2019 Abstract Accepted: 14 August 2019 Low cost manufacturing of quality products remains an essential part of present economy and technological advances made it possible.Expand
Readiness and Maturity of Manufacturing Enterprises for Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 is perceived as an industrial concept which requires incorporation of both value-adding business divisions and value-added chain applying emerging technologies to provide digitalExpand
Artificial Intelligence Towards Future Industrial Opportunities and Challenges
The industry 4.0 will bring reflective changes to our society, including an important digital shift in the manufacturing sector. At present, several manufacturing firms are trying to adopt theExpand
Expert Systems in the Reengineering of Technological Equipment
Presentation of applicability for the Expert System (ES) model in the Technological Equipment Reengineering (TER), in the manufacturing industry, on the basis of fuzzy Cognitive Maps is presented. Expand
Exploring the Determinants of Industry 4.0 Development Using an Extended SWOT Analysis: A Regional Study
Researchers and practitioners argue that in the global context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also labelled Industry 4.0, the regional dimension of industrial development remains equallyExpand
Sustainable Industry 4.0 framework: A systematic literature review identifying the current trends and future perspectives
Abstract Industry 4.0 and its other synonyms like Smart Manufacturing, Smart Production or Internet of Things, have been identified as major contributors in the context of digital and automatedExpand
Barriers in sustainable industry 4.0: a case study of the footwear industry
ABSTRACT Industry 4.0 (I4.0) has a great perspective in the reshaping the industry as it creates a working environment of integrated productivity between workers and machines. However, the adoptionExpand
Issues and Challenges in Implementing Industry 4.0 for the Manufacturing Sector in Indonesia
Industry 4.0 is a popular topic today because of its significant influence in the manufacturing sector. Issues and Challenges in implementing Industry 4.0 for the Manufacturing Sector in IndonesiaExpand
Narrowing the barriers to Industry 4.0 practices through PCA-Fuzzy AHP-K means
PurposeThe study aims to analyze the barriers in the adoption of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) practices in terms of prioritization, cluster formation and clustering of empirical responses, and then narrowingExpand


Towards Lean Production in Industry 4.0
Abstract Lean Production is widely recognized and accepted in the industrial setting. It concerns the strict integration of humans in the manufacturing process, a continuous improvement and focus onExpand
The unique and complementary effects of manufacturing technologies and lean practices on manufacturing operational performance
This study investigates the unique and complementary effects of manufacturing technologies and lean practices on operational performance of manufacturing firms. Despite the importance ofExpand
Security and privacy challenges in industrial Internet of Things
This paper gives an introduction to industrial IoT systems, the related security and privacy challenges, and an outlook on possible solutions towards a holistic security framework for Industrial IoT systems. Expand
Climate change and management
The article focuses on how climate change may impact the management industry after 2014. Topics include the social impact of ocean acidification and coastal flooding, the transformation of the globalExpand
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