“I joined the Party to keep ourselves out of the System.” Neo-Pagan Survival Strategies in Socialist Hungary

  title={“I joined the Party to keep ourselves out of the System.” Neo-Pagan Survival Strategies in Socialist Hungary},
  author={L. K. Cs{\'a}ji},
  journal={Open Theology},
  pages={211 - 223}
Abstract The paper presents a Hungarian Ethno-Pagan group (Bolyanest) which was established in 1979, active in and around Budapest. In the early 80s the group was a forum for New Age-like ideas: Gaia cult, esoteric concepts, natural-based peace-campaigns, yoga, Reiki and other theories about nature, love, humanity, human potentials and peace. The author analyses how this group shifted slowly from the New Age to the Neo-Pagan characteristics during the 80s. The group had a complex survival… Expand


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